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Annual Thorough Examination
Mechanical & structural assessment

The purpose of the mechanical thorough examination and test is to determine whether, atthe time of the thorough examination, the device and its safeguards are installed safely, whether it is safe to operate and whether there are any defects that could make it unsafe in the future. LTC will look at a range of items to determine whether the device is safe for continued operation. The items that will be included, the tests performed and the information that are required may vary, depending on the type of device, the information contained within the design review, the NDE schedule, previous ride history and any relevant technical bulletins.

Typical ride requirements for annual examination: (NDE/Assessment)
LTC Ride Inspection Mark LTC Visual Inpection Structural elements:

(e.g. track, support structure)

Ride components: 

(e.g. wheel spindles, chassis, axles)



Simon Anderson Visual Inspection
Electrical assessment

The primary objective is to determine that the electrical or control systems have not deteriorated since the last in-service inspection and to assess the significance of any deterioration that may have occurred.
The assessment will be carried out by taking some of the following steps:

Ascertaining history and determining if any changes or modifications have been made.

Functional test

Visual inspection.

Measurement and test.

Electrical Theme Park Inspection

For a full description of thorough examination please refer to the HSE publication Fairground and  Amusement Parks - Guidance on Safe Practice (2nd edition), paragraph 140.

LTC engineers have a wealth of experience in carrying out this type of inspection, with over 100,000 ride inspections carried out since we first began. For a thoroughly professional and comprehensive inspection service, contact LTC  here

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