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Assessment during Installation


There are many key stages during the installation process when assessment is necessary in order to determine the condition of all safety critical components before they are fitted.

Typical examinations concerning aspects such as fastenings, lubrication, passenger containment and structural analysis take place during this stage.

Resulting from these examinations could be the necessity to carry out specific methods of Non Destructive Examination (NDE).

Checks including adequacy of safety distances between gondolas, tracks cars, and the ride environment must be verified at installation.

Adequate safety of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems should demonstrated by means of construction drawings, calculations, the relevant circuit diagrams and functional descriptions and verification by the design reviewers. Assessment of the auxiliary  systems (pipes, cylinders, fastenings, etc.) should also take place prior to and/or at the time of installation.

Preliminary Assessment

A preliminary assessment takes place at every proposed site for installation of ride devices. It must be proved by assessment that the ground is suitable for the device to be built upon and used safely in accordance with the manufacturer's manual.

As part of the ground assessment, a civil engineers report is sought for environment and strength of foundations. This report must ascertain that the ground can bear the entire load of any device.

Methods of risk assessment - for example, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) risk reduction -  are considered and subsequently carried out at this stage in order to provide the best environment for the ride to operate within.

The preliminary assessment stage is the perfect time to invite authorities such as the local fire department to discuss evacuation, access and egress to and from the device (including disabled access).

LTC engineers can assist you with both the general installation and preliminary assessments, using our previous experience. We can also offer further sources of information to help guide your installation. Contact us for more details.


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