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Design Review

LTC inspection engineers have several years' experience carrying out reviews of various new amusement device designs, including rollercoasters, roundabouts, tower rides, as well as more activity-based installations, such as ropes courses and wave simulators.

Our clients include established national and international theme parks as well as independent operators, including those operators installing passenger-carrying amusement equipment as part of their attraction for the first time; we can offer advice and support throughout the whole process. 

Our services include design risk assessments, verification of loads and forces, passenger containment analysis, structural analysis and validating the assumptions upon which the ride is based, and any further investigations that are required to satisfy the necessary safety requirements.

The LTC design review team uses the latest comprehensive set of computational analysis tools which provides the ability to model complex geometries of ride structures and components, and perform the following analyses; 

-Linear analysis to determine static and fatigue loading and verify part performance 

-Modal analysis that determines natural frequency, resonance and vibration characteristics

 -Advanced transient nonlinear phenomena involving dynamic effects and complex structural behaviours, including plastic deformation under impact loads

 In addition to providing an important part of the verification of safety-critical parts as part of our Design Review process, our analysis toolset can also offers assistance to ride developers to focus on the most important part of the simulation process: understanding the results and the impact of design variations on the model.

In the leisure industry, increasingly larger models are required for engineering simulation. Our structural software incorporates parallel algorithms for faster computation time for these large models.

All designs and calculations are checked against current applicable standards including BSEN, ISO, ASTM, Eurocodes,  Technical bulletins, HSE publications, as well as being backed up by years of inspection and in-service knowledge.

Design Review Software

The purpose of a design review is to determine the adequacy of a design specification of an amusement and the assumptions on which it is based.

This is done by carrying out an independent review of all aspects of the design which could affect safety. The disciplines covered by LTC include Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Functional and Civil Engineering.

Safety-related matters may only be proved by testing or other procedures of the assessment of conformity to design and the initial test. A Design Review, Conformity To Design and Initial Test are legal requirements for all devices installed post-1997. A Maturity Design Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for all devices installed pre-1997.

For a full description of design reviews please refer to the HSE publication Fairground and  Amusement Parks - Guidance on Safe Practice (2nd edition), paragraphs 85-103.


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