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Rope Access Inspection

LTC can now offer  a fully qualified rope access specialist team that can get to the highest and most difficult roller coaster structures, shot towers and confined spaces within an amusement park.

It can be difficult to provide suitable access for inspection of ride structures, particularly roller coasters, shot towers  and other structures at height, due to landscaping or ground conditions, installed theming and other obstacles. Also, the cost and hassle of arranging Mobile Elevated Work
Platorms (MEWPs) or hiring specialist teams means that providing the best inspection for rides can become an expensive chore.

The LTC rope access team offers simple, safe and an adaptable means of access to all types of amusement device ride structures, regardless of the obstacles. As we utilise members of our experienced team, you can be assured of our trademark quality inspection service throughout, without the problems associated with hiring equipment or other contractors.

All of the inspection techniques that LTC perform on the ground can  be utilized whilst suspended upon a structure using rope access methods. These include Visual, MPI, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic & DPI inspection. That means that all your inspection needs are covered.

We know from experience, that many rides in the market today feature tall vertical towers or accessible shafts that require NDT of critical weldments, often at  intermediate points inside the towers. Rope access in these confined spaces is the ideal safe option over more hazardous alternatives of ladders.
The LTC rope access team is managed by IRATA Level 3 qualified staff supplied by
Lineryder who also work with us to construct all the high level risk assessments to fulfil HSE requirements.

As we continue to bring all of our client's technical service in-house, to offer you our unique and total inspection service, the LTC inspection engineering team are happy to assist you with both rope access and more traditional methods of access , using our previous experience.

 Contact us for more details.


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