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NDE / NDT Procedures and Scheduling                                      


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) require a Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) schedule available for all rides. Although this is not a new requirement, it is now something that they will be focussing on, and looking for during their normal visits to fairgrounds and amusement parks.

What is a NDE / NDT Schedule?

The schedule details all the areas and components of a ride that require inspection using specific NDE methods, and at what interval these tests should be carried out.


Who is responsible for writing the schedule?

The areas to be tested and the level of strip down needed to achieve this should be identified and listed, preferably by the original designer, but advice may also be sought from Inspection Bodies (IBs) or other experts who may have the competence to predict areas that may be subject to fatigue failures.

The schedule should contain instructions regarding the intervals at which this NDE needs to be carried out. Again this should preferably be (or have been) drawn up by the original designer, but advice may also be sought from IBs or others who may have the competence.

It is fair to say that experience forms a certain part in all of this, but anyone developing a schedule will need to understand where fatigue might occur regarding the particular device, and in what timescale it might occur.

There will certainly be some instances where basic fatigue calculation will also be required. Anyone working out such calculations should be certain that he is suitably competent, to carry out any calculations required.

The above text is part-referenced from ADIPS Guidance Note 2:09.2006

We can help

LTC (IB) has completed numerous NDE / NDT schedules and procedures for various-sized amusement devices from looping coasters to juvenile kiddie roundabouts.

To look at some sample documents, you can arrange to visit us at the LTC office, or we can arrange a visit to your site to discuss your requirements

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