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G-Force Measurement Data Acquisition  

Linear static and dynamic measurements 

Accelerometers are instruments for measuring, displaying, and analysing acceleration and vibration. Acceleration levels are important as the human body can only withstand a certain level of acceleration before effects such as severe discomfort, fainting or internal injury occur. There is a high of knowledge about the safe levels of acceleration, and in the interests of safety a survey of accelerations applied to passenger cars should be carried out.


Accelerometers can be used to measure vibration on all ride devices such as roller coaster, drop towers, log flumes, and go karts. The inspection engineers at LTC can use specialist equipment to record the fluctuations in accelerations and associated g-force throughout a ride cycle and therefore determine whether the device is safe to ride and what level of comfort is likely to be experienced. Top right, Will using the accelerometer on a drop tower, bottom right, LTC Senior inspection engineer Ron is shown with an accelerometer device fitted to an Rockin Tug.

Ron fitting the G-Force data acquisition kit to an amusement ride 







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