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Bob Nicholls' Profile

  Bob Nicholls LTC

Managing Director

About Bob Nicholls:

Following 11 years as Mechanical Engineer / Millwright / Fitter in the heavy chemical industry and 9 years carrying out inspection, NDT in heavy engineering and on aircraft and also fairground rides, I realised that my real passion was for the safety inspection of amusement devices. Since that decision, I became part of the growth of the fairground and amusement park Industry, gaining my first training from Robert Ward Engineering and I have been the Managing Director of LTC Ltd. since 1987.

Im very proud of this company weve formed; keeping up with the ever changing design and technology of leisure machines has been both exciting and challenging.  I hope I have passed on to my team the wealth of knowledge I have gained over the years, whilst still allowing them to bring their own new skills and forward thinking to LTC Ltd., with safety and serviceability always of paramount importance.

I hope you enjoy visiting our web-site, meeting the team and welcome to my world............



EN and ISO revision working groups
Member of NAFLIC Management Council Committee
Director of ADIPS Ltd.
The amusement device inspection procedures scheme
Chairman of ADIPS Registration Committee
Chairman of the ADSC
The Amusement Device Safety Council


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