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Leisure Industry Glossary

Common industry terms and definitions

Type A Inspection Body An inspection body providing independent 'third party' services
Design Review

Appraisal of a design by an inspection body to check the adequacy of a design specification and the assumptions on which it is based

Conformity to Design

A check carried out by an inspection body to ensure that the ride is constructed to the design specification

Initial Test

A functional test carried out by a competent inspection body to verify if a ride or item of fairground equipment is capable of meeting functional design requirements when operated in accordance with the instructions in the operations manual

Thorough Examination

The procedures, tests and investigations necessary for an appointed inspection body to decide whether an amusement device may continue to be operated for a specified period of time

Pre-use Inspections

These inspections are carried out only once, unless safety-critical modifications to the amusement device have been made. They are to be completed before the device is first used in this country. This will also apply to second-hand devices brought into the country for the first time. When the inspections have been satisfactorily completed, the amusement device will be issued with a Declaration of Operational Compliance (DOC) by the inspection body issuing the report of the initial test. A DOC will normally be valid for up to one year.

HSG 175 Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks: Guidance on Safe Practice:   The guidance develops the good practice concerned with the overall safety management of attractions contained in the previous Code of Safe Practice with increased emphasis on risk assessment, management of safety and the inspection stages known as design review, assessment of conformity to design, initial test and thorough examination. It introduces the industry's scheme for the registration of inspection bodies.
DOC Declaration of Operational Compliance
TER Thorough Examination Report
AIB Accredited Inspection Body (LTC)
Operations Manual Full instructions for safe use compiled by the manufacturer, importer or supplier and updated by the user containing documentary proof of inspections and records of any modifications as well as other records previously kept in the log book

Servicing and replacement or repair of components and protective materials to maintain rides and equipment in safe working order

Safety-Critical Modification

Any alteration to the hardware/software of a piece of equipment including the introduction of a component which departs from the original design specification.

Daily Check

Visual and functional check by operators and attendants designed to assess the condition and check for any deterioration of rides and equipment in service


National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials is a non-profit organization that provides resources for amusement industry professionals dedicated to the safety of the industry and its patrons  (US)


Council  For Amusement and Recreational Equipment Safety (CARES) The Organization of Government Officials Responsible for Enforcement of Amusement Ride and Recreational Equipment Regulations (US)


National Association for Leisure Industry Certification

AALARA Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association Inc

Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme

ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials.

Joint Advisory Committee on fairgrounds and amusement parks


Amusement Device Safety Council


British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions

SGGB Showmen's Guild of Great Britain

British Amusement Catering Trades Association


Founded in 1918, IAAPA is a non-profit association that works behind the scenes to help attraction owners run their business smoothly and profitably


Association of Independent Showman

ALES Amusement and leisure Equipment Suppliers of the United Kingdon
S.I.R.P. Society of Independent Roundabout Proprietors .
A.C.E.S. Amusement Catering Equipment Society

People (or companies) who own or otherwise have control of an attraction have a duty to maintain it in a safe condition

N.D.T. Non-Destructive Testing
Fairground equipment

Any fairground ride, or any similar plant which is designed to be in motion for entertainment purposes with members of the public on or inside it. It also refers to any plant which is designed to be used by members of the public for entertainment purposes, either as a slide or for bouncing upon, and includes swings, dodgems and other plant which is designed to be in motion wholly or partly under the control of, or to be put in motion by, a member of the public. The definition includes coin-operated children's rides, but not non-powered children's playground equipment.


Further information can be found at:     HSE Website


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