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LTC Inspection Awareness Course    
Our tailor-made Inspection Awareness Course puts you and your teams in the position of an LTC Inspection Engineer for the day and this helps to understand:
Why we inspect amusement devices

How we inspect amusement devices

What we expect to see and what we look for

What factors affect visual inspection

What information is available to help

The course is designed specifically for theme park and fairground staff. For those wishing to become ride inspectors themselves, please contact ADIPS regarding required qualifications, experience and rules for registration. The course, whilst providing useful information, does NOT train ride inspectors.

Why participate on the course?   


The Inspection Awareness Course is tailor-made for those in the leisure industry; specifically, it helps to address many issues relating to amusement device inspection. In accordance with Fairground and Amusement Parks:  Guidance on Safe Practice. (HSG175) & Fairground and Amusement Park machinery and structures -Safety BS EN 13814:2004

 "You must provide adequate information and training to all employees. Training should be appropriate to the risks and given in a way that people can understand..."
"The importance of daily checks, maintenance and inspection programmes and the need for competence in the work to be done..."
"Employees should be competent to carry out safety related tasks..."
"Make sure that each attraction has a daily check before it is used by the public..."
As well as helping you to fulfil your obligations under the current safety legislation, our course is beneficial to you in everyday life as part of the industry.
We all have a moral obligation to safety; the LTC Inspection Awareness Course helps you to seek out problems before they happen, and encourages proper ride monitoring and comprehensive preventative maintenance.
In addition, the course includes many examples of failure and the reasons why we inspect, what we look for and includes information and where to go for further advice. The course has introduced new ideas and promoted discussion and new ways of thinking with participants, which has led to a more pro-active approach when they return to site
Course Content
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Who should participate?
Our course has been designed to appeal and apply to almost anyone working with amusement devices, including:
  • Park employees
  • Ride controllers, supervisors and operators
  • All levels of management
  • Engineering personnel (electrical and mechanical)
  • Health & Safety Officers
Appreciation Test
To promote learning, a multiple-choice question paper is administered at the end of the course.
Additional information
The course has been developed for class sizes between 2-8 people. We can conduct the course on site or, if you prefer, training facilities are available at LTC headquarters. The duration of the course is one day, with a lunch break and two ten-minute coffee breaks. A full set of course notes will be provided.

Recommended Pre or Post-course reading:

UK: HSG175 Fairground and Amusement Parks,  Guidance on Safe Practice.
Europe: EN 13814:2004 Fairground  and Amusement Park machinery and structures - Safety.
Rest of the World: we can advise dependent on your country.
Contact Information
If you require any further information about the Inspection Awareness Course please contact LTC:
                           Website:   Submitting a Course Enquiry
                             Forum:   Technical Forum



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