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Snake-eye Video Inspection

Our snake eye video inspection system is a hand-held remote video inspection tool which is ideal for thorough inspections in hard-to-reach and normally inaccessible places, such as:
  • The inside of roller coaster chassis
  • The inside of fibreglass-framed seat units/cars
  • Behind and inside all types of theming
  • Inside of ride booms, cylinders, towers, structures etc.
In this way we are able to detect possible wear, mechanical damage and corrosion, spotting potential problems before they become serious hazards.
Snake-eye video inspection lets our eyes travel where other inspection methods would normally be required; this saves time and money for our clients, as no dismantling or more invasive and costly techniques are required (X-Ray examination, for example)

The picture below shows the snake eye inspection in use - the camera is hidden at the end of the long shaft beneath the device. Our inspection engineer can see the underneath of the device on the handheld screen.

John conducting remote visual inspection with snake eye video kit 

Combining a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) camera and TFT-LCD display technology, our snake-eye camera delivers crystal-clear, full-colour videos and snapshots that can be viewed in real-time or stored for review with clients at a later date.



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