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Thermal Imaging

Mechanical Systems

Failed ride motors mean unscheduled and unwanted downtime. Thermal imaging allows us to see hot spots on bearings, slew rings , braking systems and other components in amusement devices allowing engineers to carry out repairs on what could potentially be a failed part. Used to monitor frictional forces, this is predictive maintenance at its best.

This image above shows a warm bearing (or seal) on the pump. Clearly the access is tight but with thermal imagine we are able to compare the bearing to the housing around it.

This image shows another bearing problem with heat also transferring into the coupling on the right side.

This image shows the motor itself heating up, due to reduced airflow or, more probably, to misalignment.

 Electrical Systems

Infrared images are proving to be a very useful tool in detecting electrical faults before components fail; saving rides from potentially disastrous and very expensive situations. In these thermal images you can clearly see how things like, loose cable connections and overloaded circuits can be easily found and rectified. Many preventable breakdowns occur due to poorly maintained electrical installations


Electrical unbalance can be caused by several different sources: a power delivery problem, low voltage on one leg, or an insulation resistance breakdown inside the motor windings.

Even a small voltage unbalance can cause connections to deteriorate, reducing the amount of voltage supplied, while motors and other loads will draw excessive current, deliver lower torque(with associated mechanical stress), and fail sooner. A severe unbalance can blow a fuse, reducing operations down to a single phase. Meanwhile, the unbalanced current will return on the neutral, causing the utility to fine the facility for peak power usage.


The thermal image above image shows a drive cabinet with hot connections on both A and B phases. The exact cause canít be determined solely from the image,although it may be a load or balance issue.

This thermal image shows a cool motor on the left and a hot gearbox on the right, with an especially white-hot anomaly.

 LTC offer thermal imaging assessment as part of our comprehensive inspection service. To find out more information, please contact us

For more information on thermal imaging in general please visit:


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