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The National Association For Leisure Industry Certification (NAFLIC) was initially developed through something of a natural requirement within the amusement park and travelling fairground industry.

In the early 1970's various moves started to be made within government to improve safety standards on parks and fairs and in 1976 the Home Office Guide to Safety at Fairs was published. This followed the transfer of responsibility for safety matters to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) established under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act.

The Home Office Guide to Safety at Fairs  included elements relevant to the examination and inspection of rides, as well as various technical requirements, thus making it relevant to a number of companies specialising in the different aspects of ride design and technical specification. Some years after the introduction of this document, work began on the Code of Safe Practice at Fairs which was subsequently introduced in 1984 and which again included areas of particular relevance to consulting engineers and other specialist individuals and organisations.

Subsequently the HSE set up the Fairground and Amusement Parks Joint Advisory Committee (FJAC) for safety in the fairground and theme park industry. This was initially made up of relevant trade associations from within the industry but did not include representation for those involved in the technical side of the business i.e. the inspectors and manufacturers, so no input from this side was included.

There was clearly a need, therefore, for a forum to be set up through which this group could discuss and overcome its common problems and it was Mr. Bob Ward and Dr. Garry Fawcett whose early discussions eventually led to the formation of NAFLIC as it is known today, both having recognised the benefits this would have for people at this end of the industry, not least to represent them on panels such as the JAC.

Thus, in 1988, details were formalised and NAFLIC officially came into being.

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