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Providing a "UNIQUE & TOTAL" service to the Leisure Industry throughout the World


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LTC Bob Nicholls

Bob Nicholls
Technical / Managing Director
LTC Josie Nicholls
 Josie Nicholls
Accounts Manager/  Director
LTC Janet Nicholls
Janet Nicholls
H.R. Training and Development Director,


Management Team:

LTC Mark Wolstenholme

Mark Wolstenholme
Technical Manager 
UK Office
LTC Alex Nicholls Middle East Office
Alex Nicholls
General Manager
ME Office

Team Leaders:

LTC Ron Dalle Ron Dale LTC Mark Thirkettle Mark Thirkettle

Inspection Engineers:

LTC Simon Anderson

Simon Anderson 

   LTC Ian Davies
Oliver Hebden
LTC Ian Davies Ian Davies
  LTC Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein 
  Mark Easton LTC Shahad  Shahad Shah
LTC Ian Davies Nick Easton LTC Will Gilbert Daniel Sutherland
LTC Igemi Ekoku Igemi Ekoku LTC Will Gilbert Patrick Tierney
LTC Ian Davies Joseph Hart   Tom Walker
    LTC Zoe Willock Zoe Willock
LTC Middle East
Renson Wambui
ME Office 
LTC Middle East
Marvin Malaluan
ME Office


LTC Andrea Reed
Andrea Reed
UK Office

LTC Grace Middle East Office

Grace Narca
ME Office
LTC Riah Sice
Riah Sice
UK Office

LTC Grace Middle East Office

Laarni Buladaco
ME Office


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