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Leisure Technical Consultants (LTC) are an Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) certified inspection body, who provide annual in-service inspection, pre-use certification and consultancy services to the fairground and amusement park industry worldwide. LTC have been proudly serving the leisure industry since 1987, providing a unique and total service to our clients in amusement ride inspection, including mechanical, electrical, structural, pneumatic, hydraulic, functional and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services. We also specialise in Pre-use certification of new rides, device modifications and re-commissioning/importing of devices into the UK under the ADIPS scheme. Other consultancy services offered by LTC include bespoke training courses, independent auditing, maintenance scheduling and many more.

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LTC are knowledgeable technical experts regarding amusement rides and devices. The main focus of our work together has been and continues to be the harmonization of several of the leading sets of technical standards in this field. Their expertise has contributed greatly to this important effort.
Randy Davis, IAAPA
LTC have been working with our rides and devices for many years (Alton Towers 27 years, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park & London Eye 16 years), which is a testimony to our faith and belief that they perform competently and professionally in providing the business with such necessary safety compliance. Merlin Entertainments as a company wish to continue and grow our good working relationship with LTC and would highly recommend their services to any potential client.
Marcus Brian, Merlin Entertainments
Over the years the LTC team have established a sound knowledge and experience of our ride and attraction system at Drayton Manor Park and incorporate this knowledge into the programs we develop together on inspection and improvement processes. Pre-use inspections and verifications are essential when adding a ride or attraction to our suite and LTC have proved an invaluable partner in supporting us in this process. LTC operate to a high standard of quality and integrity and provide a consistent and logical approach to ride inspection and safety.
David Bromilow, Drayton Manor Park
I am aware of LTC’s work in the field of amusement ride and device inspection and certification and can say that they are carrying out all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety and integrity of their care. I personally wish to continue to work with LTC for the future development of safety in the amusement industry and we highly recommend their services to any potential client.
Gianni Chiari, Technical Services di Chiari Gianni