Ian Davies

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Ian Davies

Senior Inspection Engineer

Email: Ian.Davies@ltci.co.uk


Prior to joining LTC, I spent fourteen years working as a rides maintenance engineer at Wicksteed Park Ltd. My engineering role primarily focused on the servicing, dismantling for annual inspection, preventative maintenance and fault diagnosis of the parks amusement rides. During this time I was able to working on all types of mechanical assemblies of varying size and complexity; including pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, electrical and control systems.

I have spent my last sixteen years as an amusement device inspection engineer at LTC. This specialised role involves the inspection of amusement rides of varying size, from multi-million pound roller coasters to the most common family attractions, for the purpose of certification within the ADIPS Scheme. I’ve also been involved with the construction of NDE schedules and Mature Device Risk Assessments for numerous parks which when complete, identify and categorise the risk of possible component failure, operational risks and environmental considerations.

I have developed and co-present a one day Inspection Awareness Training Course which has been delivered to clients’ technical staff around the country. The course raises awareness of the psychological and physiological aspects of inspection and shows poignant video footage of what can happen if inspections are not carried out correctly. The course has been very well received by the some of the largest operators in the industry.


Member of the NAFLIC Standards Committee