Janet Nicholls

HR, Training & Development Director


When I left school at the age of sixteen – going on seventeen, I had already started customer service training in a high street store during weekends and school holidays to help subsidise my last year of GCSE and CSE Exams. I then became a Full Time office junior for an American Staff Agency and was trained in interviewing/ screening /recruitment with an additional shorthand and typing course at evening classes. One of the most valuable lessons for me was a Telephonist /Receptionist course, where manner and business etiquette was all important. This training helped to secure my next position as Secretary for a Data Processing company. I was Front of House and also Personnel /Wage Controller. I enjoyed my varied work experience. It was busy and challenging.

Following a break having a family I re-joined the working world with Derbyshire Youth & Community Council. Training in Family Support, Youth Unemployment, Adult Literacy, Team Leading and Team Building. In 1990 Bob recognised these collective skills and persuaded me to join him at L.T.C. Ltd. At that time his office was in our house and since 1977 I had been answering the telephone, kept diaries and dealt with communications so it seemed a natural progression to take up the offer of full time paid employment.

During these years of change, here at LTC we have been progressing. We’ve moved to larger, more adequate offices as we’ve grown in numbers. We pride ourselves in having the perfect combination of staff members, who complement each other with various skills and experience to provide calculation, inspection, certification and advice on maintenance and operation for all devices from vintage to brand new concepts in ride design. All staff uphold the Visions, Values and Behaviours set to continually drive forward our position as a world class inspection body, providing industry leading consultation and assessment services.

For myself: After spending many years carrying out all LTC administration and support duties I took part in a business training program, I upgraded my own skills in IT, Personnel/HR, Sales and instead of being head cook and bottle washer, I now have a more defined role within the company. I follow strict recruitment and training plans in order to ensure we employ the correct staff and they work to the standards we insist on to comply with H & S / ADIPS / Industry and customer requirements. I enjoy being responsible for encouraging and monitoring the continuing success of our team individuals and with our new bespoke data base and the assistance and support of our valued Administrators, I feel very confident about the future.

LTC Ltd. shares a long history with The Leisure Industry and we are proud that we carry out Inspection and Consultancy world-wide and still we provide service to some of our original clients. It is important to us that the LTC Team members carry out their work with knowledge gained from hands-on skills, academic learning, industry standards and precious archive documents held in our Technical Library of this colourful business.