Mark Wolstenholme

Technical Manager


Having joined LTC Limited 20 years ago, I have since worked my way up through the ranks becoming Electrical Team Leader in 2005 and Technical Manger in 2010.

Although my main expertise is Electrical and Control Systems Engineering, throughout my time with LTC I have been involved in all aspects of Inspection including Mechanical, Structural, Electrical and Functional Test. As the company has progressed I have been involved in all aspects of Pre-Use inspection; including Design Review, Conformity to Design and Initial Test.

During my time at LTC I have attended many industry seminars, been on relevant training courses, kept up to date with NAFLIC and other industry associations technical bulletins, as well as standards related to the amusement industry.


Member of the NAFLIC Standards committee for 2 years (2007-2009)

Involved in the EN 13814 and ISO 17842 Revision Working groups