LTC were keen to contribute to progress on the upcoming European and International Standards for amusement device safety, at meetings held just prior to the EAS Show in Paris recently. Bob Nicholls (Managing Director), Mark Wolstenholme (Technical Manager) as well as Mark Thirkettle and Will Gilbert attended the meetings for CEN TC 152 WG1, the working group responsible for ride safety standards in Europe which was held at Parc Asterix, as well as for ISO TC 254 work group and plenary meetings which were held at AFNOR (the French standards association) and at Disneyland Paris. Bob has for many years been at the forefront of the standards development along with BSI (British Standards Institute) representative Ken Rundle, with a strong involvement in the first European Standard, as well as national guidelines such as HSG 175.

The meetings held were agreed to be very successful, allowing the progress of the standards in their various parts through to finalisation which is expected to be approved early next year for publication in 2015. The European standard will be numbered as it is now but in two parts; EN 13814-1 and EN 13814-2, covering design and manufacture in the first part and operation and use in the second, whereas the ISO (International) standard will be in the three parts, ISO 17842-1, ISO 17842-2, and ISO 17842-3, covering design/manufacture, operation/use and inspection respectively.