Given the ever more sophisticated and physical nature of amusement devices and attractions, performing thorough operational risk assessments are instrumental in safeguarding customers whilst enjoying your attractions.

The risk assessment is a comprehensive document which identifies all foreseeable hazards that could occur through passenger interaction with a device, quantifies their threat level and details steps taken to remove or mitigate against these. Performing such analysis is a legal requirement for device operators prior to use to, ensure the safety of both passengers and operators. For further information regarding risk assessments and how best to conduct one, refer to the European Standard: ISO 12100.

LTC can provide a risk assessment service to help you ensure the safety of your guests and your staff, and resolve any risks prior to them causing harm. Utilising our experience and specialist knowledge from years of inspection dating back to 1976, our engineers are best placed to help you to identify hazards, assess risks, consequences and advise on the most appropriate control measures. For more information or to submit an enquiry use our Contact Us page.