Functional Testing is performed once all inspection and remedial works on safety critical device components have been completed and the device re-assembled. During a functional test, the device is observed for correct operation under representative loads and emergency conditions, to identify whether deterioration has occurred since first installation. All safety systems relating to passenger containment and safe operation are observed, to ensure correct operation in addition to emergency/recovery functions and equipment where applicable. All observations made are compared with the operating specifications outlined in the device operations manual.

Below are a list of typical areas assessed during functional testing, however the full extent of tests performed vary widely based of the type and control systems of an amusement device;

  • Correct working of control systems (e.g. block systems, etc.)
  • Correct operation of safety devices (e.g. anti-rollback systems, brakes, etc.)
  • Correct operation of safety limitations (e.g. over speed, over travel, etc.)
  • Acceleration and deceleration under normal and emergency conditions
  • Correct adjustment, function and monitoring of passenger containment systems
  • Testing of emergency systems, recovery, evacuation procedures and equipment

A functional test should be performed at least annually throughout the service life of an amusement device following a thorough examination, in addition to the in-service daily checks specified in the device operations manual.