LTC is able to provide training courses on a wide range of topics relating to the Amusement Industry. Our most popular course in Inspection Awareness has become an integral part of employee training for several operators, where repeat courses are regularly requested for new starters or to refresh experienced staff.


We are also able to offer bespoke courses tailored to your individual requirements. Please use the Contact Us Page or Submit an Enquiry for further details.

Inspection Awareness Course:

Our tailor-made Inspection Awareness Course puts you and your teams in the position of an LTC Inspection Engineer for the day, allowing participants to gain an appreciation of:

  • Why it is necessary to inspect amusement devices
  • How we inspect amusement devices
  • What we expect to see and what we look for
  • What factors affect visual inspection
  • What information is available to help

The course provides many examples of device failures at Design, Maintenance and Operational levels, with a large library of ride defects from parks worldwide, presented using video, photographs and component artefacts. In addition, the course provides a wealth of information on the reasons why we inspect, what we look for, tips on how best to inspect and where to go for further advice. The course is designed specifically for theme park and fairground staff to provide an awareness of inspection, however DOES NOT provide the training necessary to become a qualified ride inspector.

In accordance with HSG175: Fairground and Amusement Parks: Guidance on Safe Practice and BS EN 13814: Fairground and Amusement Park machinery and structures:

  • “You must provide adequate information and training to all employees. Training should be appropriate to the risks and given in a way that people can understand…”
  • “The importance of daily checks, maintenance and inspection programmes and the need for competence in the work to be done…”
  • “Employees should be competent to carry out safety related tasks…”
  • “Make sure that each attraction has a daily check before it is used by the public…”

In addition to helping you to fulfil your obligations under the current safety legislation, our course is beneficial to both you and your staff. The course has been designed to promote discussion and new ways of thinking with participants, which has been proven to lead to a more pro-active approach when they return to site.

We all have a moral obligation to safety; the LTC Inspection Awareness Course helps you to seek out problems before they happen, and encourages proper ride monitoring and comprehensive preventative maintenance. Our course is applicable to almost anyone working with amusement devices, including:

  • Park employees
  • Ride controllers, supervisors and operators
  • All levels of management
  • Engineering personnel (electrical and mechanical)
  • Health & Safety Officers

The course has been developed for class sizes between 2-8 people and can be conducted on-site or at our training facilities located at the LTC UK office in Hyde, Cheshire. The duration of the course is one day, with a lunch break and two short coffee breaks. A full set of course notes will be provided to all participants and open-book multiple-choice question papers are administered during the course to promote learning.